Pricing and Information


All hunts include 2 nights 2 days of top notch lodging and meals. Beer and wine are available. Our facilities a,re kept extremely clean and our meals are prepared with nothing but the best meats and produce. Most of our hunts start with our guest arriving after 2:00pm on Friday for an evening hunt and an incredible meal afterwards. Saturday morning we'll have coffee and pastries before you head out on your hunt. After the morning hunt we'll have a large breakfast, usually around 11:00 am. After breakfast, it's up to you! We have plenty of things for our guest to do before we head out for your afternoon hunt, which is followed by a terrific meal. Sunday morning we'll have coffee and pastries before you head out to your hunt. Your morning hunt is followed by breakfast. If a Sunday afternoon hunt is needed, we'll be happy to keep you on until your hunt is complete that evening.

We welcome spouses and children to our ranch. No additional charge for them unless extra rooms or nights are needed. Our hunting is done on our low fence/free range ranch. We do have 400 acres in high fence that we use for trophy whitetail hunting only. All game harvested will be handled by our staff and will be caped and quartered ready for transportation with the use of your ice chests. Guides will be used when needed.


Management Buck and 1 Doe  $1900.00
Buck up to 31" and 1 Doe  $2900.00
Buck over 31" and 1 Doe   $3400.00
Additional Doe  $300.00

Management Buck and 1 Doe  $2000.00
Buck up to 135" and 1 Doe  $3000.00
Buck over 135" up to 145" and 1 Doe  $4500.00
Buck over 145" up to 155" and 1 Doe  $5500.00
Buck over 155" and 1 Doe  $7000.00
Additional Doe, Axis or Whitetail  $300.00

Blackbuck Antelope
Blackbuck Antelope and 1 Axis Doe  $3500.00
Additional Doe  $300.00

Meat Hunt
A combination of 3 game animals per hunter
Game animals consist of Cull Bucks, Whitetail Doe, Axis Doe  $1800.00
Additional Doe  $300.00 
Bring plenty of ice chests

Rio Grande Turkey
2 Gobblers  $2000.00
Additional Gobbler  $500.00

High Fence Trophy Whitetail
Buck up to 180"  $7200.00
Buck over 180" up to 200"  $8700.00
Buck over 200" up to 220"  $10,200.00
Buck over 220" up to 240"  $11,700.00
Buck over 240" up to 250"  $13,200.00
Buck over 250"  $14,500.00
Hunts include 2 Axis Doe

Prices may vary depending on size of party

Deposit required to hold your date